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FEDEMADERAS, The Association of Colombian Timber Industrials represents the group of forestry, wood and furniture companies within the country; brings together all the suppliers of goods and services of the productive chain, including, entrepreneurs dedicated to the reforestation, processing of the raw wood, manufacturing, retailers of furniture and all type of wood products, and Afro – Colombian communities that are responsible of preserving the natural forest.FEDEMADERAS was created in December of 2003 as a guild organization with non-profit purposes to represent the sectoral interests of the timber’s productive chain, and the 700 entrepreneurs affiliated to the guild, which are organized in 4 councils:

• Planted Forest

• Natural Forest

• Transformation and Product

• Suppliers


About the Guild and the Sector





To promote the timber industry and its development and represent its interests framed in criteria of sustainable development, wellness and country progress.


Promotes and supports the good practices in the timber’s productive chain.

Propitiate all the plans, programs, strategies and actions required to achieve an increase of the competitiveness and productivity on the timber’s productive chain.

BOARD MEMBERS 2017 – 2018

Name  Enterprise City  Counsil
Miguel Rodríguez Melo Forestal Monterrey Colombia S.A.S. Bogotá Natural Forest
Octavio López Gómez ONF Andina Bogotá Natural Forest
Nicolás Pombo Smurfit Kappa Colombia Cali Planted Forest
Carlos Andrés López Refocosta S.A.S. Bogotá Planted Forest
Andrés Toro G. Núcleos de madera Medellín Transformation and Product
Enrique Sánchez Challenger S.A. Bogotá Transformation and Product
Valentina Suárez Silvotecnia S.A.A Medellín Supplier
Diego Lozano Campo Capital Bogotá Supplier
Gabriel Lopera Tablemac / Duratex Medellín President of the Antioquia Committee
Raúl Jaime Hernández Asociación de Madereros de Risaralda Pereira President of the Eje Cafetero Committee
José Jesús Rivera Organización  La Primavera Bogotá President of the Orinoquia Committee


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